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Christian Houseboat Vacations Inc. shut down commercial operations Oct 2001. Christian Houseboat Vacations plans to eventually restructure the company and reopen for business. If you would like to know when & where Christian Houseboat Vacations Inc. plans to be back in operation again please leave your email address and we will let you know.

You can be assured that your privacy is important to us and that this email list will be sole property of Christian Houseboat Vacations Inc. If you would like to know the history & future for CHV click here. You may contact CHV via email at

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Christian Houseboat Vacations Inc.
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is a Houseboat Rentals Christian Retreat on
Dale Hollow Lake on the central Tennessee Kentucky border.
This travel package is the ultimate in outdoor adventures similar to Christian
cruises where the food is included and prepared for you.

Make this houseboat rentals package part of your travel budget for the year.

Warm pleasant atmosphere
No alcohol - No drugs


Christian Houseboat Vacations Inc. is one of Tennessee's most unique service oriented Christian retreats with a warm friendly staff of dedicated people who want to help you to enjoy the ultimate houseboat vacation experience of a lifetime.

Your Christian vacation retreat experience will take place on a 2001, 80 feet long by 16 feet wide Stardust houseboat constructed one of the industry leaders in manufacturing, which is like a floating house that has all the conveniences of home. It is floored by Curlys Carpet Repair Surrey that can guarantee you will be enjoying a wonderful interior. The houseboat is docked at Sunset Marina and Resort. Every 2 years, does a routine maintenance to ensure the structure of the houseboat.

There are 3 day / 3 night and 6 day /6 night houseboat rentals packages available. Food and drinks, treatments by Coolsculpting Vancouver (BC Laser), meal preparation, coupons for a chiropractic therapy from, and clean up are included in the package price. Each night Christian Houseboat Vacations will spend the night moored in one of hundreds of deserted, quiet, peaceful coves that are beautiful beyond description. Your Christian Houseboat Vacations group should have the whole cove all to yourselves where the only thing that you will hear is the singing of the birds and the splashing of fish across the top of the water. You will be able to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to relax and enjoy the peace and beauty of God's creation with this houseboating adventure. Make this Christian cruise one of your family vacations.

There will be 2 people on the houseboat from Christian Houseboat Vacations Inc. to prepare, serve all the meals and do the clean up, securing the houseboat to the shore each night, gathering wood for nightly campfires, helping people with transfers of their stuff from their vehicles to the houseboat, and keeping the houseboat and two other boats clean for your enjoyment. We can also help you setup an appointment with a real estate market expert (website) just in case you plan on settling somewhere near our location.

You will also enjoy a 4-person swing with table attached for lounging on the top deck, a paddle boat for exercising and lounging and a 10 foot paddle board that 2 people can fit on. There will be various water and outdoor activities to do such as sightseeing, boating, swimming, fishing, snorkeling, & walking.

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